5-Star Resort Opens For ISIS Supporters in Iraq

It is said that the grand opening of the hotel more bombs were busted instead of fire crackers. Recently, Islamic State (IS, formerly Islamic State of Iraq and Syria {ISIS}) had opened a luxury hotel to give its jihadists a bit of rest and relaxation (R&R). The Ninawa International Hotel in Mosul used to be one of the most luxurious hotel in Iraq, catering to foreign guests and local dignitaries. It is the first 5-star hotel for Islamic State jihadists.

ISIS 5-Star Resort

According to reports, it includes a swimming pool and tennis court but has no bar counter in it. Whereas, its 262 rooms will only be used by extremist terror group. There is also a gymnasium for those who want to keep their body fit. According to sources, the hotel’s bar and ballroom have undergone massive changes. Coca Cola has replaced champagne and there’s plenty of water, but no wine. All alcohol is strictly forbidden.

ISIS 5-Star Resort 3

As per media reports, the group appears to profit mainly from smuggling oil out of wells and refineries in occupied territories — though reports of indirect funding from Gulf states, along with taxes, tolls, and outright extortion from residents in ISIS-controlled areas, serve to supplement its income. Around $400-a-month fighter gets salary as per reports.

ISIS 5-Star Resort 4

I guess the reason behind Islamic State (IS, formerly Islamic State of  Iraq and Syria {ISIS}) opened a luxury hotel was to give its jihadists more fun and chilling environment. The soldier with more honor killing might win spa services or may given special dinner party.

ISIS 5-Star Resort 2

“If this happens to be ISIS’s marketing strategy to lure fresh recruits, it sure in an interesting one.”

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